We revolutionize the tourism experience in Italy and around the world.

The first innovative model with cutting-edge tools to enhance businesses and territory online in a single national digital container.

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is an innovative start-up promoting digital tourism and Made in Italy that aims to modernise the tourist offer in Italy and in all the nations of the world ready to reap the benefits of the application of its model.

The platform bring together municipalities and business and leisure activities by offering a complete solution that activates a virtuous system of sustainable, efficient and emotional tourism. All thanks to new technologies and features related to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

We reproduce in Virtual Reality locations and environments accessible at any time and from any device in which visitors are free to walk along streets, gather useful information, compose travel packages before the on-site experience, and navigate in 360° while wearing VR viewers for a truly amazing journey!

An immersive journey

VR viewers are one of the accessories that enhance the UNICI proposal also available as gadgets from the cheapest to the most valuable version. Both with and without VR viewers, the UNICI virtual experience can give great satisfaction!

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The UNICI model is designed to bring concrete benefits to the entire community

It enhances the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of territories by improving their perception
It provides business and leisure activities with new marketing tools and areas of visibility
It makes the tourist experience more captivating, intense and fluid in the Virtual-to-Real transition
It activates an immediate Shopping Experience process that fosters travel organisation




tourism comes to life with UNICI



They can explore, deepen, plan, book and buy

Cities and villages

They can bring out their own beauty and show themselves in an innovative guise

Business activities

They can highlight their products and services and make them purchasable with one click

Leisure activities

They can offer themselves with the aim of making the trip unforgettable with tailor-made experiences

We are UNICI and we say it with Italian pride

Made in Italy

We were founded in Italy. We work to give the right value to our heritage and we strive to contribute to the growth of our country and its international positioning.

Tourmake technology

For the interactive representation and navigability of places in Virtual Reality, our platform uses the Tourmake software, i.e. a worldwide used software of Italian origin too.

Replicable model for each country

Thanks to its multilingual configuration and always-customizable features, the UNICI model adapts to any context and can be reproduced in every country of the world.

Events organisation and management

The experience gained in the field allows us to propose ourselves as valuable partners for the organisation and management of corporate and institutional events that we transform into alive spaces of interaction.

Support and Training

We provide you with the support you need to make the most of your virtual environment with the related devices and we train the platform users through theoretical and practical sessions.  

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