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The UNICI platform offers a complete experiential digital tourism experience that is now focused on the Italian market and the historical, cultural, and commercial heritage of the cities and villages of our country.

At the base of everything, there is the drive towards a sustainable and cooperative tourism intended as a tourism opportunity with 

innumerable benefits for all.

UNICI encourages the discovery of new places and the reduction of pressure on the most popular tourist destinations contributing to a positive environmental and social impact on the territory and promoting a more equitable distribution of visitors interested in exploring our peninsula.

Advantages for tourists

Thanks to the UNICI platform, digital tourists can:

Mamma e figlia in partenza per un viaggio

explore virtual 360° environments

choose the points of greatest interest

deepen the multimedia content

intercept the services offered by local businesses

book or buy directly online

This allows them to plan their holidays in advance and to enjoy the wonder of a journey that will soon become concrete or can be experienced countless times in our virtual environment.

on all

devices dispositivi

The platform is designed to meet the interest of tourists from all over the world: it supports, in fact, up to 26 languages and is usable through VR viewers and with the guidance of an Avatar. It is also navigable with any type of technological device such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and PCs.

Thanks to the very high resolution mapping with real 16K photographic images also realised with the aid of latest generation drones, UNICI guarantees maximum involvement within a digital container that concentrates all services and attractions.

Benefits for municipalities and businesses

Joining our platform can give the right boost to a territorial marketing strategy designed to vitalise the local tourist and economic flows.

Through the platform, it is possible to highlight and make available:

Escursione in bici

cultural destinations, hotels, prestigious properties, b&bs, seaside resorts and restaurant businesses

services such as car and bike rental, sports activities, excursions

0 km products that really describe the nature of the territories

nature trails that encourage cycle-tourism or slow tourism in general


The main features of the
UNICI platform


The Tourmake technology, which UNICI relies on, allows for precise and high-resolution 360° mapping of locations. The result is an interactive virtual tour full of multimedia content that can be navigated from any device also using VR viewers and cardboards.


Along the virtual tour, visitors encounter areas and points of interest that contain text, video, audio, photo galleries, and links to in-depth pages. The virtual journey thus becomes educational and it can always be supplemented with new elements for continuous discovery.


The virtual experience goes beyond the mere promotion of places and businesses. Walking around in Virtual Reality, users can directly book the products and services they consider useful or suitable for the type of trip they are planning.


Businesses that wish to do so can make their products and services available for online purchase. Users need only a few clicks in VR to buy what they consider to be functional for their trip or what has simply aroused their curiosity in general. No more long waits at the checkout.


With 26 languages available, the UNICI platform opens up to the world and expands opportunities for municipalities and businesses that choose to go online. The switch is quick and the multilingual availability, which can be integrated according to the needs, makes the model replicable in other countries.


The virtual navigation is accompanied by an Avatar that, when properly configured, guides users through the environments and the content distributed therein. The Avatar can present the places, tell stories in the selected languages, and provide useful information when navigating through the panoramic photos.


The tourist experience on the UNICI platform is customized and customizable. Users' choices can be oriented by the reviews left by those who have already lived the same experience and can suggest the best way to grasp its effectiveness.


There are no barriers or insurmountable distances. Thanks to Virtual and Augmented Reality, the world becomes accessible at all times and for everyone. Moreover, the platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use regardless of technological skills.

VR viewers and cardboards for an even more enjoyable journey

Along with the services provided by the platform and our team, we offer administrations and businesses the opportunity to equip themselves with VR viewers and cardboards as gadgets that can be customized for promotional and merchandising activities. The investment is not expensive and offers the thrill of experiencing the journey in an amplified dimension that entertains users.

The Virtual Reality of UNICI can still be visited even with no VR viewers without losing its attractiveness.

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