We are UNICI and we make our country exclusive

With an open eye to innovation and technology-inspired skills

Nasciamo Unici

We were founded…UNICI

A start-up with a solid foundation that rests, before anything else, on the experience of the CEO & Founder Vincenzo Frigulti, an Apulian entrepreneur expert in Strategic-Territorial Marketing. Beside him there are Claudio Mehilli, a near-graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Miami, and a network of companies, institutions and professionals predisposed to experience and generate change in the tourism sector.

We cultivate a dream

With our platform, we want to create and encourage an immersive and customized digital tourism experience that can support Italian municipalities and local businesses and enhance their resources. For us tourists are not mere users but protagonists and promoters of a sustainable development of national tourism through the targeted use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and AI.

prenotazione servizi unici
Unici esporta il modello italiano

We export the italian model around the world

Our project is strictly Made in Italy but looks beyond the borders to start strategic partnerships with other countries in the world. We propose ourselves, in fact, as Advisor in national and international relations as well as a replicable and scalable platform (thanks also to the many languages available) that promotes the creation of synergies useful to highlight the peculiarities of the territories.


We know how to grasp changes, recognize talent, make beauty shine and give credit to the social and entrepreneurial fabric that characterizes Italy. What moves us is the sincere desire to give new vitality to tourism in Italy by distributing opportunities equitably and making our country more aware of the great goals to which it can aspire.


“The most important thing is to believe in what you do, to work with passion and sacrifice, and to know how to work as a team while respecting roles and skills. This is and this will be the secret to success for any start-up that looks to the epochal change of today that is already tomorrow”.

UNICI is the response to concrete needs and it holds in one container everything you need to experience, plan, repeat countless times a trip out of the ordinary.

More visibility

In Italy, many local communities and business activities have difficulty in promoting in an effective way their cultural and historical heritage and the services they offer. This is often due to scarce resources, poor online presence and lack of appropriate territorial marketing strategies.

More coordination

Tourists are often faced with a multitude of information and services fragmented across different channels and platforms. This makes it difficult to plan and fully enjoy the trip and has two main consequences: stress and frustration for tourists and limited opportunities for territories.

More sustainability

The growing demand for sustainable tourism experiences calls for cutting-edge models that encourage the discovery of new places with environmentally friendly practices and the reduction of pressure on the most popular tourist destinations. UNICI ensures a more equitable distribution of visitors across the country giving value to the less famous villages.

More accessibility

Tourists with special needs, such as people with disabilities or families with children, may encounter difficulties in finding specific information regarding the usability of the places and services offered. UNICI integrates the news on accessibility to ensure that all tourists can find what they need by consulting a single platform.

More customization

Tourists are increasingly seeking customized experiences based on their interests, needs and budgets. UNICI offers tailored recommendations and suggestions based on users' profiles and needs allowing them to live a more engaging, rewarding and emotional tourism experience.

More language support

Italy is visited by tourists from all over the world, and the language barrier could be an obstacle for many of them. The UNICI platform integrates multilingual support (up to 26 languages) to facilitate the access to information and services even through the guidance of an Avatar.

We have a team of professionals ready to offer qualified services for companies, organizations and institutions that want to push themselves or settle in the tourism sector, both digital and non-digital.

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