Marketing and promotion for territories and companies

We have the right skills to recognize the value of territories, companies, and people. And we make it a springboard to new ambitious goals.

All we do is to immerse ourselves in the real Italy and give it light.

The abundance of wonders has always made our country famous all over the world. But how much are we really aware of our resources? And how capable are we of exploiting them with a view to community growth?

Italy is a treasure chest of beauty that we can enjoy not only by admiring the great national monuments, but above all by exploring the alive social and entrepreneurial fabric that strives every day to give prestige to the knowledge handed down through the centuries.

At UNICI, we immerse ourselves in this fabric facilitating the sharing of best practices and the development of common strategies to promote villages and cities, small and medium-sized businesses, artisans and volunteers, young and passionate people with a good project in the heart. The UNICI platform is our main operational tool but it is not the only one offered by our team.

Puzzle bellezze italiane

UNICI as Advisor

We guide administrations and companies in defining their vision and goals by identifying the most effective strategies to achieve them. We offer our support in designing and implementing financing activities, marketing activities, problem-solving activities, risk management plans, network of contacts for partnerships with targeted individuals or investors.

Marketing Consulting

We offer customized solutions to improve the positioning, perception and competitiveness of the brand in favour of concrete results in terms of business and tourist flows. After careful analysis, we define the most suitable strategy and develop effective and innovative action plans also based on the use of the most advanced technologies.

Event organization and management

We organize and manage institutional and corporate events with attention to every detail ensuring the right media coverage and respecting the values that distinguish the brand. Thanks to our expertise in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and gamification, we turn any kind of event into an immersive experience impossible to forget.

Creative projects in VR and AR

We apply technology to creativity by creating immersive games and interaction spaces for entertainment, engagement, brand consolidation, and the development of new business opportunities. We foster interaction between people with an eye always on collective growth and beyond physical distances.


We support operators and visitors in the use of the new technologies with which territories and companies choose to propose their products and services. We teach techniques and tools to naturally juggle the new media and to experience the virtual dimensions never as an obstacle but always as a concrete opportunity for evolution.

Technical Support

We take care of every operational aspect related to the locations that territories and companies choose to allocate to virtual experiences setting up the devices, software and hardware components necessary for everything to work properly. Our team professionally manages every ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operation.

Virtual Reality
to stand out, engage
and grow

Virtual Reality as an integrated tool in a well-planned marketing strategy helps territories and companies to present themselves in an innovative way fostering a special contact with tourists and customers and opening new business opportunities in a sustainable way. With UNICI, you learn to recognize its potential and to exploit it to make places and services always accessible.

A complete team for 360° projects

The skills of the UNICI team are diverse and this represents a real asset as well as a guarantee on the performance of our projects for which we do not have to outsource any services.

Marketing professionals

Communication professionals

Virtual Reality professionals

Tourism professionals

Management professionals

PR, web and press professionals

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